Global change biology, climate change ecology & macroecology

Honours projects are available across several areas of climate change ecology, global change impacts on biodiversity, species range dynamics and extinction processes.

Effects of climate change on the diversity of Great Barrier Reef marine life

Toby Hudson [CC BY-SA 3.0]

These include:

  • Coral bleaching on the GBR: Improving future projections of frequency and severity of bleaching events.
  • Fish diet and climate change: Does diet predisposes species to increased threats from climate change?
  • Drivers of the edge of the range: Establish the determinants of the range limits of antilopine wallaroo
  • Ice Age Ecologist: Test efficacy of conservation threat metrics to detect past extinctions.
  • Climate change in Australia: Identify historical periods of abrupt climate change and compare with forecasts
Global change biologist Dr Damien Fordham


Dr Damien Fordham

Co-supervisors: Dr Stuart Brown | Dr Camille Mellin

Research area: Global change biology; climate change ecology and macroecology

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

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