Global change ecology and conservation

Honours projects are available across several areas of climate change ecology, global change impacts on biodiversity, planetary health, macroecology and conservation biogeography.

Climate change ecology

    Polar bear
    • Ecological requirements of marine megafauna: Identify how ocean warming drives shifts in the ecological niches of artic marine mammals.
    • Coral bleaching on the GBR: Improve future projections of frequency and severity of bleaching events. 
    • Using paleo-archives to safeguard biodiversity: Determine ecological responses to past warming events similar to future forecasts.
    • Fish diet and climate change: Establish whether diet predisposes species to increased threats from climate change.
    • Climate change in Australia: Pinpoint historical periods of abrupt climate change that are compare to near-term forecasts.

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    Macroecology and conservation biogeography

      Numbat by Martin Willis
      • Native distributions of threatened mammals: Establish the natural distributions of Australian mammals in 1788 to inform future conservation management.
      • Conserving megapodes: Establish responses of Australia’s megapodes to human-driven changes since European settlement.
      • Ice Age Ecologist: Test retrospectively the efficacy of conservation threat metrics (such as the IUCN red list) to detect past extinctions of megafauna.

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      Effects of climate change on the diversity of Great Barrier Reef marine life

      Planetary health

      • Safeguarding nutrition from fisheries: Is the nutritional value of fish harvested from tropical reefs impacted by climate change

      Photo by Toby Hudson  [CC BY-SA 3.0]


      Global change biologist Dr Damien Fordham


      Dr Damien Fordham

      Co-supervisors: Dr Stuart Brown | Dr Camille Mellin | Dr Sean Tomlinson

      Research area: Global change ecology; climate change, macroecology, planetary health, conservation biogeography

      Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

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