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Emplacement of igneous dykes at Catherine Hill Bay, Sydney Basin, NSW

Catherine Hill Bay

Catherine Hill Bay

This project will involve field mapping at Catherine Hill Bay and analysis of geochemical and aeromagnetic datasets.

You will investigate the emplacement mechanism of dykes in the Sydney Basin region, as well as the shared formation and development of the dykes and large-scale fractures.

Igneous dykes are the frozen remnants of magma conduits and preserve evidence of major Earth processes, such as magma transport from mantle to crust and the rifting of continents and oceans.

Three-dimensional (3D) models of dyke nucleation, propagation and arrest are in their infancy, and our current understanding remains rooted in two-dimensional (2D) models.

Catherine Hill Bay is located 36km south of Newcastle in NSW. Here, Permian-Triassic sediments of the northern most Sydney Basin crop out. Several dolerite dykes cut through the sediments that form the wavecut platforms and are consistent with the orientation of regional-scale dykes mapped using aeromagnetic data across the Sydney Basin.

Several fracture sets are observed in outcrops that have strikes similar to those of the dykes. These outcrops, provide a natural laboratory for investigation of the emplacement of dolerite dykes in the basin; as well as, providing an understanding of the relationship between the dykes and large-scale fractures.


  • It would be useful for you to have completed Structural Geology II, Igneous and Metamorphic Geology II, Tectonics III and Field Geoscience Program III.

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