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Discovery of new genes that promote T cell activity against cancer

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The Chemokine Biology Lab has honours projects available with the aim to identify novel genes involved in T cell trafficking to solid tumours.

T cells have the capacity to eliminate tumour cells, but this often fails in solid tumours as T cell trafficking into the tumour is limited. In this project, we will utilise genome-wide transcriptional activation libraries to identify novel genes that can enhance T cell recruitment into solid tumours.

This will involve transducing activated T cells with viral vectors encoding a genome-wide transcriptional activation library and then performing in vitro chemotaxis assays towards tumours or in vivo transfer into tumour bearing mice.

Honours Iain Comerford Fig 2b

T cells that migrate to tumours will then be harvested and subject to Next Generation Sequencing to identify the upregulated genes that are present in T cells that invade the tumour. These genes will then be selected for independent validation and tested for their ability to enhance CAR T cell recruitment to solid tumours.

The project will involve T cell culture, mouse models of solid human cancers, molecular biology, Next Generation Sequencing, bioinformatics, flow cytometry and in vivo imaging microscopy.




Dr Iain Comerford

Co-supervisorProfessor Shaun McColl

Research area: Chemokine Biology Lab, School of Biological Sciences

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Molecular and Biomedical Science

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