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Optimising fodder beet grazing management for beef cattle

Determine the optimum stocking rate, grazing face and crop allocation to maximise the growth rate of steers grazing fodder beet crops.


Grazing fodder beet crops in situ has been pioneered by the New Zealand livestock industries and achieved positive gains in animal performance. Fodder beet crops enable the autumn-winter feed gap to be filled cheaply and allow growth rates in excess of 1kg/hd/day to be achieved in weaner cattle. 

Little is known about the optimal stocking rates, allocation of leaf and bulb (grazing face) and daily allocation of beets and the effect that changes in these parameters have on animal performance.

Key methodology: Work within existing fodder beet research project on farm trial sites (5) throughout south east of South Australia.

Wayne Pitchford


Professor Wayne Pitchford

Co-supervisors: Dr Michael Wilkes | Dr Michelle Hebart

Research area: Production animal health; ruminant science

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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