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ORE-SOME: OZ Minerals Carrapateena (Cu-Au) deposit projects

Exciting projects investigating the origin of copper and gold at South Australia's newest mine.

Rock core laid out

OZ Minerals is a copper-focused international company based in South Australia and owns and operates the copper-gold mines at Prominent Hill and Carrapateena.

The Carrapateena copper-gold deposit is located on the eastern margin of the Gawler Craton in South Australia and is one of the most significant copper-gold projects in Australia. Since discovery in 2005 limited research has been completed on the deposit and there is a wealth of opportunity to advance our understanding of this style of South Australian giant IOCG deposit.

Precise project titles are still under discussion to ensure that they are business relevant, but it is expected that sampling will be completed along the (>1km) underground decline at regular intervals towards the ore body, and from existing drill core. Minerals, including copper sulphides (chalcopyrite and bornite), gold and minerals suitable for geochronology, will then be analysed to establish trace element compositions from the different zones of the Carrapateena ore body, alteration halo and satellite prospects.

The project(s) will use methods including petrology, SEM analysis of mineral textures, LA-ICPMS analysis (trace element and geochronology) of minerals and 3D modelling. It is also planned that the proposed project(s) will include a component of data science including machine learning, potentially using programming in R and Python, applied to the extensive OZ Minerals database.

The project(s) will assist future domaining at Carrapateena and will have direct implications for assessing current and future exploration targets.

Richard Lilly


Dr Richard Lilly and Professor Martin Hand

Research area: Exploration geology

Recommended honours enrolmentHonours in Geology

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