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Quaternary palaeoecology of pleistocene vertebrates from Naracoorte Caves, South Australia

This project will involve the analysis of vertebrate fossil material from sites that have been previously excavated but remain unstudied and have no chronological context.

The caves of Naracoorte preserve a diverse record of Quaternary vertebrates extending back at least 500,000 years. These deposits allow us to assess long-term patterns of biodiversity and environmental change over time.

Several deposits at Naracoorte have had only preliminary research and potentially cover time frames within the Naracoorte record that have limited collections. This project will address this shortcoming.

In this project, you will sort and identify previously excavated fossil material to determine the composition of past faunal communities. You will also sample specimens for dating and analyse the stratigraphic and sedimentological context for the vertebrate remains.


  • Good numerical skills and a capacity to conduct meticulous laboratory research.
  • There is no prerequisite course, although Earth Systems History III would be beneficial.

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