Sow conformation & performance


This project aims to determine the relationship between sow conformation (assessed at gilt selection) and performance over four parities.

Longevity of sows is important to pig production, both economically and for animal welfare. Low culling rates are associated with increased piglet numbers and health status of the herd.

Since longevity can only be recorded once the sow dies early predictors of longevity are important to enable selection of higher producing sows.

Sow conformation traits measured at gilt selection have shown promising potential as early predictors of sow longevity. The relationship between sow conformation measured at gilt selection and sow performance over four parities will be investigated. 

Key methodology: A large existing commercial pig dataset will be examined.

Wayne Pitchford


Professor Wayne Pitchford

Co-supervisors: Dr David Lines | Dr Michelle Hebart

Research area: Production animal health; ruminant science

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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