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The Adelaidean… But in New South Wales… What is that all about!?!

A MinEx CRC project looking at understanding the isolated Adelaidean rocks that form a salient in NSW. How do they relate to the SA rocks and what do they tell us about the Adelaide Superbasin?

Adelaidean Rocks

Adelaidean rocks outcropping at Fowlers Gap, NSW.

The Adelaidean system is an amazing repository of earth history as the Pacific Ocean basin formed, the planet developed multicellular life and oxygen levels in the atmosphere reached values similar to today.

It stretches over a vast distance that includes the Broken Hill region of western NSW and both covers mineralisation targets and hosts potential targets itself. Despite this, very little work on these rocks have been done in the last forty years.

With a renewed interest in the prospectivity of the covered parts of the Broken Hill Block, and parallel research using modern and emerging techniques in the Adelaidean of SA, it’s stimulated this proposal to examine the detrital provenance and chemostratigraphy of the NSW Adelaidean in consort with the Geological Survey of NSW.

This project is a part of the MinEx CRC, the world's largest mineral exploration collaboration bringing together industry, government and research organisations. You will also be part of the Tectonics and Earth Systems (TES) Research Group in the School of Physical Sciences.


Professor Alan Collins


Professor Alan CollinsDr Morgan Blades, Professor Chris Clark and Phil Gilmore

Research area: Mineral and energy systems, Tectonics and solid earth processes

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Geology

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