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Constraining the deformation history of the ‘Top End’ in relation to mineral prospectivity

Be the first researcher to explore when the northernmost part of Australia deformed.

Project Workflow Gawler Craton

Project workflow, illustrating that thermal history information will be extracted from apatites, which can be used to map the relative exhumation level of the crust. The example is for the northern Gawler Craton, where the location of mineral occurrences (star and triangle symbols) correlates with the preservation of pre-Phanerozoic exhumation levels to the South of the Karari Fault Zone. View larger image.

The Palaeoproterozoic Pine Creek Inlier, is one of the most significant metallogenic provinces of the Northern Territory. It hosts a number of mineral deposits, just South of Darwin, such as the Rum Jungle (U, Cu, Co, Pb, Zn) and Woodcutters (Pb, Zn, Ag) deposits in close vicinity to the N-S trending Giant’s Reef Fault.

This fault is one of the most prominent structures in the Northern Territory, recording up to 5km displacement. The formation history of the basement is relatively well studied in this area, while the post-Palaeoproterozoic thermal, alteration and deformation history (particularly in relation to fault activity) is poorly constrained.

This project will apply apatite fission track thermochronology, U-Pb dating and trace element geochemical analysis on granitoid samples near mine sites at either side of the Giant`s Reef fault, aiming to shed more light on the deformation history of the fault and to evaluate its role to the exhumation history and related preservation potential of mineral deposits in the study area.

Stijn Glorie


Dr Stijn Glorie, Professor Alan Collins, Dr Geoff Fraser and Dorothy Close

Research area: Mineral and energy systems, Tectonics and solid earth processes

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Geology

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