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What’s beneath the Murray?

A MinEx CRC project looking at mapping the ancient sedimentary rocks buried beneath the Murray Basin.

Murray Basin with boreholes

TMI image of a part of the Murray basin with boreholes

The Murray Basin covers rocks that tell the story of how the passive margin of the Pacific changed to a highly active subduction margin in the Cambrian.

Many existing boreholes pierce metasedimentary rocks beneath the Murray Basin and an extensive drilling project is planned in the future.

This project will date, correlate and map the (meta)sedimentary rocks beneath the basin and examine how they relate to the exposed Adelaidean Superbasin rocks of the Mount Lofty and Flinders Ranges.

The rocks also have significant potential for hosting a range of mineral deposits and data collected will be examined in a mineral systems framework.

This project is a part of the MinEx CRC (minexcrc.com.au), the world's largest mineral exploration collaboration bringing together industry, government and research organisations. It is a collaboration with the Geological Surveys of SA, NSW and Victoria.

You will also be an integral part of the Tectonics and Earth Systems (TES) Research Group that includes researchers, PhDs and Honours students all working towards understanding how plate tectonics effects earth system processes.


Professor Alan Collins


Professor Alan CollinsAssociate Professor Carl Spandler, Dr Morgan Blades and Tom Wise

Research area: Mineral and energy systems, Tectonics and solid earth processes

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Geology

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