Open Day: Animal & Veterinary Sciences

When you choose a career in animal and veterinary sciences, don't expect a 'typical' day at work!

Animal scientists, technicians and vets explore animal physiology, nutrition, reproduction, breeding and welfare management, both in the lab and the field. Future scientists in the area will even use 3D imaging (accurate to within millimetres) to monitor livestock’s condition and optimise management decisions.

  • Campus tour - Roseworthy

    Stop and smell the Rose-worthy

    Roseworthy campus is a vibrant hub of undergraduate teaching, postgraduate training and clinical veterinary services north of Adelaide.

  • Companion Animal Health Centre

    'Paws-on' training 

    Take a tour through our Companion Animal Health Centre at Roseworthy campus and discover the hands-on learning that is available to University of Adelaide students.

  • Equine Health and Performance Centre

    From the horse’s mouth

    Take a tour through our Equine Health and Performance Centre at Roseworthy campus and hear from staff and students about what you will experience in a 'typical day' at the clinic.

  • Production Animal Health Centre

    Lookcowt for livestock

    From cattle and sheep to pigs and poultry: take a tour through our Production Animal Health Centre and hear from students who work alongside our veterinarians and technicians to provide the best possible care and service to these animals.

  • Roseworthy student garden

    Seeding between the lines

    Discover how this edible garden built by our students is creating a sense of community for everyone at Roseworthy campus.

  • Dogs at Roseworthy campus

    Meet your new study pals

    Meet our on-campus dogs and discover how they can help you maintain a positive mindset while studying.

  • Training dogs to detect COVID-19

    What does a pandemic smell like?

    University of Adelaide researchers are part of an international research team that has been training detector dogs using sweat samples from people infected with COVID-19.

    When introduced to a line of sweat samples, most dogs can detect a positive one from a line of negative ones with 100% accuracy.

  • Graduate story - Veterinary program

    A day in the life of a vet

    Hear from an international Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduate Manhei Ma about her experiences in our programs.

In Their Element: Walk on the guide side

Meet Pip Edwards, an animal science graduate who has found her 'paw-pose' in life.

How to apply for our veterinary program

Resources to help you maximise your chance of entry into our veterinary program.