Open Day: Earth and Environmental Sciences

Are you ready to help build a sustainable future for our planet?

Splitting your time between the lab and the field, you’ll learn to use advanced technology to collect data, tackle conservation issues, track species and monitor natural disasters and critical minerals with incredible precision.

  • Campus tour - North Terrace

    Awesome like Mawson

    Nestled in the cultural heart of the city, the North Terrace campus is the primary location of undergraduate teaching and the historic core of the University.

    Take a tour and visit our science and research facilities, including the Mawson building, named after famous explorer and geologist Sir Douglas Mawson and home to our Tate Museum of geological specimens.

  • Wildlife conservation and drones

    Eye in the sky

    Meet Molly Hennekam, an ecologist from University of Adelaide's Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility.

    Learn how Molly and fellow researchers at the University's 'Drone Hub' use this versatile technology in wildlife monitoring and management.

  • Earth Sciences

    What's locked up within those rocks?

    For earth scientists such as Professor Alan Collins, one of the big challenges is to learn about the planet and to learn about the processes that have evolved to create this habitable world we live in.

    How have Earth processes helped concentrate critical elements into different parts of this world? How do we find them? How do we get them out in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way?


Where can earth sciences take you?


In Their Element: Call of the wild

Meet science graduate Jacob Maher, who was sure his career was going to be finding out who's who in the zoo, but graduated with a passion for all things nature.

Majors and specialisations

Whether your career goals are underground or above it, choose your own adventure with study opportunities in geology, geophysics, palaeontology, evolutionary biology, ecology, spatial science and soil science.