Bachelor of Science

Love science? Study a Bachelor of Science and choose your own adventure with majors and double majors which span diverse science areas.

University of Adelaide science programs are designed for maximum flexibility, and with the increasingly competitive and business-aware workplace in mind. Explore diverse scientific options before specialising. You can also join a growing generation of scientists who pair entrepreneurship with their passion for science.

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Bachelor of Science

Love science but not sure which path to take? Choose from a diverse range of science courses according to your interests and strengths.

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Bachelor of Science [Advanced]

Gain experience in the academic and research culture of the scientific areas you are most interested in, combined with the choice and flexibility of science majors.

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Science majors

Follow your own emerging interests and scientific curiosity with majors across all science areas including palaeontology, physics, earth and environmental sciences, chemistry and biomedical science.

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Future Scientist Careers

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