Sciences Summer School

Taking courses in the Sciences Summer School is a great way to accelerate your study, catch up on missed courses and broaden your educational experience.

These Level I offerings may give you the opportunity to continue in your program. Some courses can be taken as electives, some allow you to meet prerequisites for study for the following year and some are an opportunity to retake a previously failed course.

Available courses

The Faculty of Sciences currently offers the following summer school courses. Upcoming dates will be added once scheduled for the coming summer.

Please note - some courses require attendance before AND after Christmas. Check the schedules for more information.

Earth Inside Out [GEOLOGY 1005]

Starts Ends Type
19/11/2018 14/12/2018 Elective for all students
Study geology terra rossa

Choose this course:

  • If you are interested in learning something about Earth - the only home we have.
  • If you are a Faculty of Sciences student, this course counts toward science units and also lets you progress to 2ndyear geology.
  • For everyone else - it’s got no prerequisites; involves at least two trips to the beach; and is therefore an enjoyable way to make up some of those pesky units you may have let slip from previous years.


Fundamentals of Biology [BIOLOGY 1001]

Starts Ends Type
10/12/2018 18/02/2019 Elective for all students
Biology students

Explore how the building blocks of life work together to form cells, which in turn combine to generate the very diverse and complex creatures we see around us.

Solve questions about how cells absorb and use nutrients. How do they replicate themselves? How are genes passed down from one generation to the next?

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Chemistry IA (S) [CHEM 1310]

Starts Ends Type
19/11/2018 7/12/2018 Repeat course
Study chemistry

Learn about the structure of the atom and molecular bonding, chemistry of the main group metals and non-metals. Energy and equilibrium topics include the relevance of intermolecular forces, chemical equilibrium, energy considerations and chemical reactivity applied to aspects of chemistry and biochemistry.

Choose this course:

  • If you failed Chemistry IA but passed the practicals. This course has no practical component.
  • Successful completion of this course means that you will not need to repeat Chemistry IA in Semester 1 next year.


Chemistry IB (S) [CHEM 1311]

Starts Ends Type
17/12/2018 05/02/2019 Repeat course
Study chemistry

Discover acid/base equilibria, kinetics and electrochemical processes, the importance of molecular shape. Learn how chemists determine the structure of compounds using spectroscopic techniques including ultraviolet, infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This course includes synthetic and bio-organic chemistry topics.

Choose this course:

  • If you failed Chemistry IB but passed the practicals. This course has no practical component.
  • Successful completion of this course means that a student will not need to repeat Chemistry IB in Semester 2 next year.

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Foundations of Chemistry IS [CHEM 1312]

Starts Ends Type
17/12/2018 11/02/2019 Bonus course
Study chemistry

Learn about quantitative analysis of kinetics, thermodynamics and equilibria. This course also covers Nernst equation; balancing redox equations under basic conditions; transition metal and coordination chemistry; quantum theory; spectroscopy and structure determination; stereochemistry; and organic mechanism.

Choose this course:

  • If you have passed Foundations of Chemistry IA and IB. Successful completion of these three courses will allow you to continue with 2nd year chemistry.
  • If you may not want to continue with 2nd year chemistry, but would like some extra chemistry background (for example, students enrolling in 2nd year biochemistry).

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Physics IA [PHYSICS 1100]

Starts Ends Type
10/12/2018 18/02/2019 Repeat course, Bonus course, Part-time students
Study physics maths

This calculus-based course is the foundation for a major in physics, and also provides a quantitative understanding of physics concepts applicable in biological and geological sciences, and in engineering.

Choose this course:

  • If you started mid-year and have completed Physics IB and at least Maths IA. By studying this and Maths IB (which can be studied concurrently, clash-free) you will be able to continue into Level II physics next year, with no delays.
  • If you failed Physics IA in Semester 1. You won’t have to wait until Semester 1 next year.
  • If you need Physics IE for an engineering pathway. Physics IA can be counted in place of Physics IE.
  • If you’re a part-time student who are only able to attempt a few courses each semester

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