Course or Class Full Resolution Form

Once classes are open for enrolment, students enrol in classes on a ‘first come first served' basis. Popular class times will fill up quickly.

Some practical or laboratory classes have fixed physical sizes due to safety issues or limited equipment. Extra spaces cannot be made available in these classes.

As the start of semester approaches, many students change their enrolments, which may result in places becoming available in your preferred classes. This is particularly true of Semester 2 enrolments where significant changes are made following publication of the Semester 1 results.

You can enrol in Semester 2 courses at the start of the year. We therefore suggest that you enrol sooner rather than later to maximise your chances of a suitable timetable.Jill Brooking - Team Leader, Student Experience

Core courses

If you are unable to enrol because all classes in a component of a core course are full, please submit the form below.

Non-core courses

If all classes in a component of a non-core course are full, you may need to enrol in another course. However, if you submit the form below, the faculty office can assess if an additional place can be made available.

An enrolment request ID number is not required for this form.

Personal details
Degree information
The course you wish to enrol into

Approval and understanding for overriding course full for enrolment

I understand the implications of my enrolment and the timetable clashes/unit overload that may occur. I am prepared to accept responsibility for the consequences of any timetable clashes/unit overloads.

Note: Timetable clashes will still need to be managed. Please make yourself aware of the online resources available to you and make contact with the relevant course coordinators to determine if measures can be put in place for work missed as a result of a clash.

Please refer to Access Adelaide to confirm your class times.

Need help?

The Sciences Service Hub at the faculty office is the place to go for most questions relating to your study.

Book an appointment Email us Call: 08 8313 5673

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