Exploring knowledge from the sub-atomic to the extra-terrestrial. Teaching and research in the School of Physical Sciences encompasses the fields of chemistry, earth sciences and physics.

Our research includes theoretical understandings of the universe, healthcare and cancer treatments, medical technology and synthetic drug development, renewable energy research, management of the earth’s resources, and investigating how the universe was formed and life evolved.

  • Our scientists conduct world-leading research in these disciplines and collaborate with diverse global universities and industry across cutting-edge projects.
  • We bring this research experience into the classroom and our study programs prepare students for a diverse range of science and non-science careers. Our students develop deep discipline specific knowledge as well as the skills required for graduate level employment.
  • We are one of four schools in the Faculty of Sciences. You will find us at the University of Adelaide’s North Terrace campus.

Harness your curiosity - study with us or join in our research. Let’s work together to discover new perspectives on the universe.

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Latest news

Chemistry researchers target cleaner future for heavy industry

Researchers from the School of Physical Sciences are involved in the new Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre.

First detection of a collision between a neutron star and a black hole

Scientists detected the death spiral and merger of the two of the most extreme objects in the Universe, a neutron star and a black hole. 

Top talent to boost State’s quantum materials future

One of the world’s leading experts in quantum materials has joined the University of Adelaide.

Scientists on a mission from moon to mars

New projects will contribute to investigating the feasibility of deep space exploration to destinations such as Mars.

Insights into continuous waves from neutron stars

Using data from the LIGO and VIGO detectors, scientists are on the cusp of hearing what they call a continuous gravitational wave or the murmuring of a neutron star.


Upcoming events

Physics Seminars - 2021

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Earth Sciences Seminars - 2021

A summary of seminars and events hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

Chemistry Seminars - 2021

A summary of seminars and events hosted by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Adelaide.

Faculty of Sciences Welcome Session (July) - Online

Social and academic activities to help new science students settle into student life at our North Terrace campus.