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Faculty of Sciences

Developing future leaders in science

The Faculty of Sciences is a multidisciplinary hub of cutting-edge teaching and research. We develop the future leaders of science and actively partner with innovative industries to solve scientific problems.

We're a synergy of four research intensive schools; thriving research centres and groups; and strong cross-institutional collaborations.

Study science with us and get more than just a degree. Start your career and help shape the future by choosing science at The University of Adelaide.

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Our faculty and schools

The Faculty of Sciences is a synergy of four research intensive schools across three thriving campuses, who each specialise in areas of teaching and research.

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine is the centrepiece of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest collection of expertise in plant genomics, crop improvement, sustainable agriculture, animal science, dryland farming, horticulture, viticulture and oenology.

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

The School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences provide world-class education and training to future animal and veterinary scientists in an intensive and practical research environment.

School of Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences coordinates and consolidates the University's cutting edge research and teaching in ecology, the environmental, genetics, evolution, biomedical sciences and biotechnology.

School of Physical Sciences

The School of Physical Sciences enhances our understanding of the physical world through observations, experiments, and theory in the core disciplines of chemistry, earth sciences and physics.


Human epilepsy drugs alter signalling process in stressed plants

Human epilepsy drugs alter signalling process in stressed plants

Researchers have discovered that drugs used in the treatment of certain brain disorders such as epilepsy, also alter the signalling process in plants under stress.

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Emu image

Emu DNA uncovers size secrets of our native bird

Genetics researchers from the Faculty of Sciences have discovered that the size of emus correlated to the size of the islands they inhabited.

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Evolutionary biologist Jenna Crowe-Riddell

Evolutionary biologist named Young Achiever Award finalist

Exploring the evolution of senses in sea snakes, evolutionary biologist Jenna Crowe-Riddell is a finalist in the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards.

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