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School of Agriculture, Food & Wine

At the centre of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hub of agricultural science, plant science and food and wine science.

School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences

World-class education and training to future animal and veterinary scientists in an intensive research environment.

School of Biological Sciences

Home to cutting edge research and teaching in ecology and environmental science, evolutionary biology and molecular and biomedical science.

School of Physical Sciences

A synergy of innovation and discovery in the fields of chemistry, earth sciences and physics.

News - What's trending in science?

No yee-haw: What endangered creature are your cowboy boots made from?

Researchers investigating the world’s exotic wildlife trade have made a startling discovery...

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New ‘king’ of fossils discovered on Kangaroo Island

Fossils of a giant new species from the long-extinct group of sea creatures called trilobites have been found on Kangaroo Island.

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A shore future for our coastal vegetation

Researchers are using new ways to gain genetic information from ocean sediment to determine the past and future survival of our coastal vegetation.

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Science events



Chemistry Seminar: Dr Nathan Boase

JUNE 28: Dr Nathan Boase will present a seminar on Spin Doctor – Synthesis of nitroxide polymers to prevent biofilm fouling



Chemistry Student Seminar: Jenica Madridejos

JULY 5: Jenica Madridejos will present a seminar on - Photocatalytic conversion of methane by metal-based clusters on TiO2



Chemistry Seminar: Professor Lee Brammer

JULY 9: Professor Lee Brammer will present a seminar on dynamic behaviour and catalysis in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)



Research Tuesdays: Quantum of Promise

JULY 9: Unlikely as it sounds, quantum physics is as much a part of our daily lives as a morning coffee. University of Adelaide researchers are at the field’s cutting edge. They’re excited about the possibilities. And after this awe-inspiring presentation, you’ll understand why.



Animal & Veterinary Science Information Session - Roseworthy [AM]

Morning session: Visit Roseworthy campus to learn about our programs and the career opportunities in animal and veterinary science.