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The Faculty of Sciences is a multidisciplinary hub of cutting-edge teaching and research.

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The Faculty of Sciences is spread across three vibrant campuses. Explore our four schools who each specialise in areas of teaching and research.

Agriculture, Food & Wine

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine is at the centre of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hub of agricultural science, plant science and food and wine science.

Animal & Veterinary Sciences

The School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences provide world-class education and training to future animal and veterinary scientists in an intensive research environment.

Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences is home to cutting edge research and teaching in ecology and environmental science, evolutionary biology and molecular and biomedical science.

Physical Sciences

The School of Physical Sciences is a synergy of innovation and discovery in the fields of chemistry, earth sciences and physics.

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About the Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences' co-location with major national and global research organisations keeps our researchers and students at the forefront of developing technologies and the latest discoveries in science.

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Science news



Photonics & space internships await physics student

New Colombo Plan Scholarship recipient Rhona Hamilton has sights on her internships at the University of Tokyo and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.



African origins of giant extinct New Zealand bird revealed

Scientists have revealed the African origins of New Zealand’s most mysterious giant flightless bird – the now extinct adzebill – showing that some of its closest living relatives are the pint-sized flufftails from Madagascar and Africa.



Shining a light on sea snake senses

University of Adelaide marine biologists have discovered that some sea snakes contain genes in their tail skin that help them stay safe from predators.



Chasing clouds in Antarctica: cool stories from a physics graduate

It’s a unique way to escape the heat. Physics graduate Tom Chambers spent his summer exploring clouds in Antarctica.



Eyre Peninsula malleefowl chick discovery excites ecologists

Cameras recently captured a malleefowl chick scratching about in the dirt in a wildlife refuge on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.


Science events



Adelaide STEM Careers Night

Connect the dots between our innovative degrees and your dream career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics!



Chemistry Seminar: Visiting researcher A/Prof Elizabeth New

Elizabeth New's research focuses on the development of chemical tools to assist the study of biological systems, particularly redox regulation.



Chemistry Seminar: Visiting researcher George Koutsantonis

University of Adelaide graduate George Koutsantonis is a synthetic chemist with an interest in functional materials that contain metals.



Welcome to Science Academy 2019

The official welcome event for all teachers and Year 12 students participating in the 2019 Science Academy.



Climate Update 2019

Learn about the latest climate research, including a snapshot of newly released data on how our climate changed in 2018, and a focus on water. Experts will also discuss climate action and its economic opportunities and risks.