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At the University of Adelaide, your science degree will give you the power to tackle world challenges including extending life, eradicating world hunger, curing cancer and turning around the effects of climate change.

By studying alongside our leading researchers, world-class educators and industry partners, you’ll graduate ready to make an impact on the world, whether you’re improving one life, or saving millions.

With 75% of the world’s fastest-growing careers require a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), you’ll be glad you made the decision to study science with The University of Adelaide.

Start your career in one of the fastest-growing, most innovative and exciting industries there is. Study with South Australia’s leading university.

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Science is not just about experiments in a lab. We need the idea first. You have to have that question. You have to think about it, you’ve got to talk about it. It’s quite a creative process.Dr Bianca Kyriacou

This video is provided with thanks to Children’s University Australia, a University of Adelaide outreach program.