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Leaving the Faculty

The purpose of this form is to guide you on the steps to be taken when leaving the Faculty. This form applies to Staff, HDR and titleholders moving externally or internally by transferring to another Faculty or Division within the University.

Please note: The Smartsheet online form needs to be completed at least 4 weeks prior to your last day with the Faculty. The Smartsheet does not allow you to save and continue later, therefore the below will assist you to have the required information prior to completing it.

SET Exit Checklist (Smartsheet)


Information required to complete the Smartsheet exit form

  • University Property

    I will return the following University property prior to my last day:

    • Laptop and any other electronic devices
    • Building access/staff ID card
    • Credit cards
    • Motor vehicle
    • Mobile phone
    • Field equipment
    • Library books
    • Research samples and materials
    • Research documents
    • Lab notebooks
    • Electronic data
    • Office/lab keys

    Office desk and all material in drawers/cabinets/shelves will be cleared before exiting.

    I have made my course materials available for future use (for staff involved in teaching).

    Discussion with Head of School or Senior Line Manager has taken place regarding the transfer or handling of assets (where appropriate).

    Off-site assets, chemicals and samples stored in the field, remote locations, or other areas within the School, will be appropriately manifested, stored and disposal arranged.

  • Electronic Files & Communications

    • Confidential documents have been managed according to the Information Management Policy. 
    • Electronic Files are in appropriate University Drive/s.
    • Personal folders will be cleared
    • Out of Office email has been set up (How to set an Out of Office)
    • I will complete my end of project summary document and provided it to my supervisor
    • Staff Directory entry will be removed/amended (Update the Staff Directory)
    • Researcher Profile will be removed/amended (Update your Researcher Profile)
    • Where appropriate, I have made arrangements to inform all my students (via MyUni), supervisors and colleagues that I am leaving the University.
  • Financial Records

    Financial transactions (credit card acquittals, open purchase orders, Kofax) and active grants will need to be finalised prior to your end date.

  • Lab & Workshop Users

    The below questions will be asked during completion of your SET Exit Checklist. Please be ready to complete these items in your form.

    • Are you a lab or workshop user?
    • Which Technical Services Team do you align with?
    • Chemical and chemical waste labelled appropriately, manifested and disposal arranged.

    NOTE: Chemical Safety Management procedures must be followed in line with the Chemical Safety Management policy. Please contact a SET Technical Service team member to advise and assist with the above.

    • ChemWatch or equivalent has been updated.
    • All remaining chemicals/samples that can't be disposed of are safely stored and clearly labelled with a disposal date and protocol.
    • A custodian for the remaining chemicals is assigned and agreed to.
    • Please provide the email address of the agreed custodian.
    • S8, S9 drugs or restricted and prohibited carcinogens have been disposed of appropriately and disposals or removals are noted on ChemWatch or equivalent.
    • Radiation sources have been disposed of appropriately, area has been decontaminated and records have been completed according to legislative requirements, and Radiation Administration has been informed.
    • Samples stored in fridges / freezers / cold rooms have been disposed of appropriately or are labelled and entered into FreezerPro.
    • Biobank Manager has been contacted and a plan is in place for the removal of the samples stored in the Biobank.
    • All work areas will be wiped down and are free of hazardous residue.
    • Quarantine and/or GM materials have been removed appropriately or are being appropriately stored, labelled with an authorised custodian assigned and agreed to.
    • Please provide the email address of the agreed custodian.
    • The Senior Research Compliance Officer has been notified of any changes to custodianship of material subject to Biosecurity and/or GM regulationsContact them on and
    • All remaining research equipment over AUD$10,000 is clearly identified in an asset register and provided to the SET Technical Services Team Leader.