Virtual StatsPD@Waite meeting

Every month, the professional development meetings of statisticians and data scientists at Waite, known as StatsPD@Waite, bring together specialists in various aspects of data sciences in agriculture from Waite, Roseworthy and Adelaide.

Please join us for the next StatsPD@Waite meeting where Beverly Gogel from the Centre of Bioinformatics and Biometrics in University of Wollongong will present on her current projects. 

Please note that the StatsPD@Waite meetings are recorded. If you have a question to the speaker but had rather not be recorded, please send me your question via chat during the meeting and I will ask it on your behalf. 

Please email Beata Sznajder for details of the Zoom meeting.


Reduced Animal Models, P-splines and Marine Snails - a bit about my projects in CBB

Beverly Gogel

Bev has been a visitor of the University of Adelaide and a friend of the Biometry Hub since taking up a position with the Centre of Bioinformatics and Biometrics, University of Wollongong (UoW), in 2017. In the upcoming Stats PD session she will give an overview of some of the project work she has been involved in in her role at UoW. This includes (among other things), implementation of reduced animal models for the analysis of hybrid crop multi-environment field trial data and the extension of these methods to include dominance effects, examining the properties and behaviour of the smooth trend and nugget effects in spatial methods for the analysis of field trial data and work directed at comparing tensor product penalised spline (P-spline) methods to separable autoregressive spatial methods of analysis with implementation in the ASReml-R software. In 2019 Bev worked with researchers in marine science located at Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, on a project to evaluate the socioeconomic impacts of Trochus (a large marine snail introduced to Samoan waters 15 years ago) on fishers located within the villages around Samoa. She will also give a brief overview of this work in which she was required to step outside her comfort zone of linear mixed model analysis into the world of generalised linear mixed models within a non-grains related context.

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