Who's in the Biometry Hub?

Research and Professional Staff

Dr Olena Kravchuk Head of the Biometry Hub. Non-parametric inference; sampling methodology; sensometrics
Dr Julian Taylor Deputy Head of the Biometry Hub. Advanced statistical modelling; computational statistics; R package development; statistical genetics including linkage map construction, whole genome QTL analysis and GWAS
Dr Beata Sznajder Statistical modelling and programming for genetics of plant breeding; linear mixed models and Bayesian variable selection for genome-wide associative mapping and QTL analysis
Dr Mario Fruzangohar Software and database development; scientific computing; bioinformatics pipelines and high performance computing
Sharon Nielsen Experimental design and statistical modelling; adult education for industry professional development in statistics
Professor Richard Jarrett Risk analysis, quality improvement and experimental design
Paul Eckermann Design and analysis of field experiments in agronomy and plant breeding
Annie Conway High-dimensional data analysis; linear mixed model analysis; statistical genetics
Dr Maria (Mariola) Kwiatkowski Specialist in spectral data analysis and application of response-surface methodology in food industry projects, including waste management
Sabela Munoz-Santa Advanced linear mixed model analysis including spatial and multi-environment trials; clustering methods in agricultural experiments
Sam Rogers

Statistical computing, including development of R packages and Shiny applications; tailored software solutions including web development; building researcher capabilities by developing and delivering key statistical training courses

Russell Edson Applied mathematics and mathematical modelling; dynamical systems; numerical methods; scientific computing and software development; machine learning and neural networks
Lisa Dansie Administration Officer



Visitors & Research Interns

Name Affiliation Timeline
Ray Corell Director, Rho Envirometrics Ongoing
Bev Gogel Senior Researcher, University of Wollongong Ongoing
Amanda Benger Science Teacher, PhD candidate in Plant Pathology Ongoing
Helena Oakey Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide Ongoing
Darren Koopman Lecturer in Agribusiness, University of Adelaide September 2020 - November 2020
University of Auckland July 2019 - June 2020
Omer Ozturk Professor of Statistics, Ohio State University September 2019 - April 2020
Navneet Aggarwal SARDI March - April 2020
Judith Atieno SARDI August - September 2019
Christine Walela SARDI February - March 2019
Ashan Asif University of Adelaide  April - May 2019
Xue Gong University of Adelaide March - April 2019
Danielle Allen SARDI October 2017
Fabio Arsego SARDI March 2017 - March 2018
Renata Alcarde Lecturer of Exact Sciences Department, University of São Paulo August 2017 - July 2018
Anabel Forte Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and IO, University of Valencia November - December 2019, June - July 2018


Students & Undergraduate Interns

Name Field of Study Status
Chris De Ieso PhD Student in Digital Horticulture Current
Peter Kasprzak MPhil Biometry Student in Ranked Set Sampling Current
Wendy Li MPhil Biometry Student in Robust statistical methods Current
Xinyuan Fu Honours Student in Agricultural Science and Biometry Current
Mariola Kwiatkowski PhD Student in Wine Chemistry Completed, Awarded 2020
Meixuan Liao Honours Student in Agricultural Science and Biometry Completed, Awarded 2020
Julia Blanes MSc Biostatistics Student in Bayesian Variable Selection (University of Valencia) Research Student Intern, April - September 2020
José Mª Campos Pérez MSc Biostatistics Student in Bayesian Variable Selection (University of Valencia) Research Student Intern, April - September 2020
Alec McCallum Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2020
Zhaohan Luo Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2020
Zachary Weigold Summer Research Project 19/20 Completed 2020
Nicholete Bakaj Summer Research Project 19/20 Completed 2020
Enqi Wu Honours Student in Agricultural Science and Biometry Completed, Awarded 2019
Iker Monferrer MSc Biostatistics Student in Bayesian Variable Selection (University of Valencia) Research Student Intern, March - May 2019
Thi My Hanh Huynh Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2019
Ziyang Wang Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2019
Mark De Lisio Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2018
Xinyuan Fu Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2018
Angus Butler Summer Research Project 17/18 Completed 2018
Enqi Wu Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2017
Joel Davis-Ward Winter Break Undergraduate Internship Completed 2017


Collaborative groups and centres

Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) The largest machine learning and computer vision group in the country, with over 100 members, boasting outstanding research expertise, state of the art facilities, high achieving students and recognised on a global scale.
Australian Plant Phenomics Facility & The Plant Accelerator® Automated high-throughput plant phenotyping system providing a range of imaging technologies (RGB, fluorescence, infrared & hyperspectral) to facilitate innovative high-quality research into plant performance in different environments
Davies Research Centre Group within the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences with research interests in the basic scientific aspects of both reproduction and genetics of livestock species
Department of Statistics, University of Valencia The collaboration with the University of Valencia is growing stronger every day since it started in 2016. The Biometry Hub and VABAR  groups are collaborating on the problem of variables selection in plant breeding context. A research training program is being implemented under the leadership of Mrs Isabela Munoz on promoting biometry research to students in the MSc Biostatistics program through internships on design and analysis of experiments in the University of Valencia and 8-week research project placement in the Biometry Hub, University of Adelaide. The placement is generously supported by the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation to the mutual benefit of the students and the grains industry. The SAGI-STH industry training program in data acquisition, analysis and report in comparative field investigations has been adopted to Spanish context and is now available in Spanish.
Division of Plant Sciences, University of Dundee

An internationally recognised centre for molecular plant science addressing global challenges of food security, renewable energy, conservation and climate change by increasing understanding of genes and processes underpinning important plant traits (yield, disease resistance, stress tolerance, developmental characteristics, end-use quality).

James Hutton Institute The James Hutton Institute is a well-respected and globally recognised research organisation delivering fundamental and applied science to drive the sustainable use of land and natural resources.
SARDI The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) is a state government research department which provides research and development services in primary industries. SARDI and the Biometry Hub enjoy close collaboration on agronomy, plant pathology, entomology and soil health research.
Waite Research Institute Supporting collaboration between the Waite precinct partners; driving research and building capacity for Australia's agriculture, food and wine sectors