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The School of Agriculture, Food & Wine provides a world-class concentration of scientific research, education and infrastructure at the Waite campus of the University of Adelaide.

In collaboration with local, national and global partners, the School is committed to connecting scientific excellence with industry relevance and delivers innovative options and opportunities to benefit the agricultural, food and wine industries, consumers and the environment.

Research strengths

Agricultural science

Delivering better crops and improving farming systems through internationally known research underpinning the breeding of crops, the management of soils, diseases and weeds and dryland farming systems agronomy.

Together, we combine basic research to deliver applied outcomes that are adopted by the scientific and/or farming communities in not only Australia but globally.

Agricultural science research

Plant science

We find science solutions to major crop and horticultural challenges.

Our research is helping growers overcome salinity, soil toxicities and nutrient limitations; enabling farmers to adapt to drought and climate change; protecting crops against plant pathogens; and ensuring sustainable improvement of crop yield and quality.

Plant Science Research


Wine & food science

Our research seeks to better understand the wine-making process and how it can be manipulated to improve wine quality. With expertise in wine microbiology, biochemistry, sensory & consumer science, and wine quality measurements, we work along the whole winemaking process from grape to glass.

Innovative research that links food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture to improve human health translates into food products with real health outcomes.

Wine & Food Research


Centres and institutes

Facilities and services

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine has research facilities and services available to both internal and external organisations.

Adelaide Glycomics

A partner laboratory for complex carbohydrate analysis between the University and Agilent Technologies Australia.

Adelaide Microscopy

Microscopy instrumentation, expertise, technical advice and training in advanced microscopy.

Plant Phenomics & Plant Accelerator

Automated high-throughput plant phenotyping providing a range of imaging technologies to facilitate innovative research into plant performance in different environments.

Biotechnology & Fermentation Facility

Automated fermentation system for fast throughput fermentation trials eliminating the need for manual sampling of cultures.

Hickinbotham Roseworthy Wine Science Laboratory

State of the art fermentation and winemaking equipment for teaching oenology students and conducting research.

Membrane Transporter Expression Facility

Expression of genes in a cell system that can be robotically screened for various membrane transport activities.

Winemaking services

Contract winemaking service providing high quality small and pilot-scale wines for research and commercial projects.

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