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In the era of data-rich agriculture, biometry research involves methodological statistics development and the use of modern scientific computing methods for the design and analysis of research studies and experiments conducted in the life sciences.

This includes theoretical and computational research in experimental and sampling design as well as statistical modelling approaches with multi-faceted phenotypic and ‘omics data obtained from multiple field and controlled environments. The modern biometry research also fosters the development of pathways for conducting the best practice statistics in relevant academic and industry research and extension.  

The Biometry Hub group of the University of Adelaide specialises in statistical methodologies for field trials, comparative and multi-factorial experiments and field sampling in application to agriculture, horticulture, oenology and food sciences.

Our research has a strong focus on statistical genetics including linkage map construction, whole genome QTL analysis, genome wide association studies (GWAS) and genomic selection (GS). We employ and develop advanced analytical computing methods in digital agriculture including big data processing, computer vision and machine learning as well as promote the adoption of cloud-based high performance computing.

We collaborate internationally and nationally and maintain a strong interest in best practice statistics in the Southern region in Australia.

The Biometry Hub starts out and supports communities of practice with solid statistical foundations through open collaborative communication with researchers and practitioners by providing tailored professional development opportunities and facilitating multi-disciplinary dialogues with user-friendly software applications.

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Structural Equation Modelling workshop

Structural equation modelling: Unearthing the data-generating process in agricultural and veterinary science.


Biometry Hub news

SAGI-STH Statistics training workshops for 2021

Statistical workshops for agronomists and researchers. Find out when and where they will be held here.

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Final 2020 Online Statistics training workshops in November

November will be the final round of statistical workshops in 2020 for agronomists and researchers. Find out more information and register here.

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SAGI Symposium 2020

The annual SAGI symposium was hosted by the University of Adelaide Biometry Hub on the 14th and 15th of September at the National Wine Centre.

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