Mentoring and Internships

There are several opportunities for students and researchers interested in more in-depth learning at the Biometry Hub.

  • Undergraduate Internship

    The group offers an undergraduate internship program in data analytics in agricultural, plant, environmental, biological sciences and science education. The aim of the undergraduate internship is to give interns a better understanding about biometry and how data scientists contribute to bio-research. This internship program is designed for students interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in the design of experiments and programming in R.

    Interested students are encouraged to apply. Internship placements are limited to three students in July, and another possible round from mid-November to mid-December. The students are invited to be located at the Biometry Hub office for their program, and benefit from ready access to our staff and resources. Online and flexible formats are also available to satisfy COVID restrictions. The typical duration of the program is three weeks full-time.

    As an intern, you will be working in a friendly, engaging, and vibrant team, learning from us the skills and the culture. We will do our best to identify your strength in the area of biometry and focus on your personal development potentials.

    Benefits for students

    Students who have joined our internship program in the past five years all have developed strong interest in research work. As the pioneer student of the program from 2017, Enqi Wu is now a PhD student at South Australian Research Development Institute (SARDI).

    An overview of skills development

    • Research skills
    • R programming skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Communication skills

    See more information about past interns at

    Experiences in the internship

    During the internship, students have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in a variety of areas. These include workshops including an Introduction to R workshop and an Introduction to Experimental Design workshop, but also through attendance at the regular StatsPD@Waite seminar series and discussions with researchers and other students in fields such as Machine Learning, Honours study experience, Sampling and Statistical consultancy.


    Applicants are expected to have a working knowledge of basic statistics concepts and data analytics practice (at the level of completion of the Research Methodology course at the school of Agriculture, Food and Wine at Waite, or equivalent). 

    Research presentation

    Upon completion of the internship program, the student produces an rmarkdown report, written to the standards of undergraduate assessment. The student will also present exit seminars related to their internship work and what they have learned.

    Where to from here

    The Biometry Hub offers summer undergraduate research projects in the area of field sampling, design of comparative experiments, data visualisation and statistics communication. Supervision is available for Honours projects in statistical and data science applications in agricultural, viticultural and other plant and animal sciences.

    To apply for the undergraduate internship, click the link below:

    Apply for Undergraduate Internship

  • Early Career and Student Statistician Internship

    Internship opportunities for Early Career and Student Statisticians are coming soon. Please check back later or consider another of our internship programs.

  • Research Internship