Weed Science Research Group - People

Weed science research group

The Weed Science Research Group's research environments are varied and include the molecular and biochemistry laboratory, field laboratory, glasshouses, greenhouses and out in the paddocks.

We are based at the Waite and Roseworthy campuses.


Dr Jenna Malone

Research: Mechanisms, evolution and inheritance of herbicide resistance.

Dr Peter Boutsalis

Research: Surveying for herbicide resistance in broadacre cropping weeds.

Dr Mahima Krishnan

Research: Understanding resistance to 2,4-D in sowthistle.

Dr Tijana Petrovic

Research: Mechanisms, evolution and inheritance of herbicide resistance.

Ben Fleet

Research: Crop competition for weed management and maintenance of crop yield.

Dr Fleur Dolman

Research: Ryegrass management in high rainfall zones. 
Support: Communication & extension manager.

Dr Geetha Velappan

Field laboratory manager.

Daniel Petersen

Research: Emerging weeds in Australian agricultural systems.

Malinee Thongmee

Field laboratory and field work.

James Preston

Molecular and field laboratories

David Brunton

PhD: Evolution and management of group J and K resistance in annual ryegrass.

Alicia Merriam

PhD: Herbicide-resistant common sowthistle and prickly lettuce: dispersal, seed biology and management in lentils.

Patricia Adu-Yeboah

PhD: Characterisation and management of glyphosate resistant barley grass.

Zarka Ramiz

PhD: Effect of ecological and genetic factors on seed germination of ryegrass and brome grass.

Rajesh Barua

PhD: Herbicide resistance in winter grass and its management.

Zorina Lam

Honours: Glyphosate resistance in flaxleaf fleabane.

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